Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Scotch College is tailored and responsive to the needs of individual students.

Your son's emotional well-being is paramount at Scotch. Every boy is regarded as an individual and we take pride in the ability of our staff to understand and address the needs and progress of every student.

Every member of the College community aims to provide an environment in which each student feels safe, nurtured, recognised and affirmed, is assisted to grow to the fullness of his potential and to experience a feeling of belonging and connectedness to the whole community.

We encourage each student to become well integrated, developing his spirituality, sense of responsibility, self-motivation and his capacity to make well-considered and ethical decisions with a concern for the wider community. In addition, we provide the opportunity for each student to develop a growing sense of identity, to experience the freedom to express himself and to accept that there are many ways of functioning as a healthy young man.

We endeavour to uphold and sustain practices that foster the values of:

  • mutual respect and responsibility;
  • a commitment to co-operation, consideration, courtesy, care and
  • engagement in service to the community.

These principles support the development of high quality interpersonal relationships between teachers, students, parents and staff.

We also encourage each student to be aware of his heritage and tradition, to form links between current students and Old Scotch Collegians and to listen to the stories of past students and staff. We anticipate that these links will foster a strong sense of identification and belonging to the community, and that he will see himself as part of a continuing tradition of care. In addition, we seek to strengthen the relationship between home and school and support families in times of crisis.

Pastoral Care is part of an inclusive approach to learning within the curriculum and co-curriculum. These programmes are designed to be respectful of the dignity and rights of each student and to provide learning opportunities that are responsive to his unique need for growth and fulfillment. It is through our delivery of the curriculum and the co-curriculum that we promote respect and sensitivity towards diverse family structures, different ways of expressing spirituality and awareness of cross cultural issues.

The School Support Team consists of a School Psychologist, Chaplain, House Heads and Teachers. The School Support Team work in consultation with the Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster and the Director of Teaching and Learning, and provide guidance on a boy's choice of subjects, activities and participation in other co-curricular spheres.

The Academic Support Team caters for the individual needs of boys through a comprehensive support programme including

  • peer tutoring
  • staff tutoring
  • study groups
  • co-educational extension groups
  • workshops facilitated by ex-students