Life Membership of the Old Scotch Collegians - A Community for Life

The Old Scotch Collegians Association WA (Inc.) is pleased to welcome members to our extended clan either as Full or Associate Members.*

The OSCs represent a large and dynamic force within the Scotch College Community and you will be an "Old Scotch Boy" for many years longer than you will have been a student.

Our association takes pride in creating and maintaining deep ties between students, Old Boys, and the entire College community. We firmly believe that these relationships are forged and the benefits felt, from the first day a boy commences school. OSCs work hard to create vocational and tuition programmes to benefit students during their school career. We sponsor scholarships and conduct sports and social events in a way that we hope will introduce young men to the network of OSCs around the globe.

Life financial membership of the Old Scotch Collegians Association is currently $230.00 (including GST) and includes a membership certificate, subscription to Clan Magazine for life and an Old Boys tie. The Scotch College Council has recently endorsed OSC becoming an "entry point" membership based organisation. This means that the collection point of membership fees for new students has changed and are now paid upon entry to Scotch College, and invoiced alongside a new student's enrolment fee as a percentage of the endowment figure. Currently enrolled students will continue to receive an invoice for OSC life membership alongside their final tuition invoice. There are several reasons for these changes. Many boys leave Scotch before the end of Year 12, and we don't want them to be excluded from OSC membership in such circumstances. More importantly, OSC works with the College's staff and students to provide benefits to currently enrolled boys, and the entry point payment recognises and facilitates these endeavours.

We hope you will explore the College's website to read more about the benefits of being an OSC. Our main objective as a member is to assist you to maintain contacts with fellow Old Boys and the School. Participation via the OSCs web-based alumni centre and notice board will allow you to remain in contact with friends and to make associations with senior OSCs that will assist you in future endeavours. The OSC is working actively on enhancing the benefits and services to its members and the range and importance of these opportunities is growing annually.

Associate Members are friends of the Old Scotch Collegians that can join our association and participate as social members with non-voting rights, this entitles you to all the same benefits of an Old Scotch Collegian with the exception of voting rights and the right to sit on the Committee of The Old Scotch Collegians WA (Inc).*

Associate Members can be drawn from academic or non-academic staff alike or from any part of the Scotch College Community. Please contact the OSC Office on (08)9383-6849 for further details.