How Can You Help?

OSC provide support for the School in many ways.

Employment and Vocational advice

  • Provide work experience for students interested in your field

  • Act as a mentor for an OSC entering training or the workforce

  • Join a group of fellow OSC with similar expertise to meet with current undergraduates or apprentices in your field

Financial Support

Scotch College is enjoying one of the most vibrant and progressive periods in its rich history. The School is currently undergoing major building developments and the implementation of innovative classroom practices.

For over 100 years, OSC members have been very generous in their philanthropic contribution to the school. Please consider giving your support through:

Opportunities and Ideas

Please contact the Development Office on 9384 6849 if you recognise opportunities or initiatives that may benefit the School. These may be related to:

  • advances in teaching and learning

  • development of facilities

  • prudential but promising investments