Studying Language

In the spirit of internationalism, language is considered an integral part of a boy's education at Scotch. The emphasis is on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to ensure that students become good communicators in their second language and acquire deeper understanding of the culture of the second language. Boys are encouraged to use their language skills in a communicative way at every opportunity.

Junior School Language Study

French is taught from Years K to 5 as part of the Primary Years Programme to develop an appreciation of another culture. The language programme is linked to the overall classroom programme and the units of inquiry.

Middle and Senior School Language Study

French and Indonesian are taught in the Middle School Years 6 - 8 and in the Senior School 9 and 10 as part of the Middle Years Programme to develop an appreciation of another culture.

French and Indonesian are offered in the Senior School WACE and IB Diploma Programmes and Spanish ab initio is offered as an additional language for IB Diploma students if they have no prior learning in Spanish. As part of our relationship with PLC, students can also take Japanese.

Through the IB Diploma Programme, students have studied Mandarin, Dutch and German with support from the School.