Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every student have the opportunity to attend Scotch College?

Scotch College has an open enrolment policy and all students are welcome to attend. Receipt of an application does not guarantee entry to the College and all places are allocated strictly in the order of the application date.

What are your intake years?

Scotch College accepts students at all year levels where places are available. The main intake years however, are Kindergarten, Pre-Primary, Year 6 and Year 7.

How do I register my son for admission?

To register a prospective student for entry into Scotch College, the completed application form, any relevant documentation together with a registration fee should be forwarded to Admissions, Scotch College Po Box 223 Claremont WA 6910. The registration fee is $150 for each application (inclusive of GST) and is payable at the time of application by credit card, cash or cheque. A College Prospectus, which includes the application form, can be obtained by contacting the school on +61 8 9383 6810 or by emailing The application form can also be completed online.

Are places available now?

For the latest information on the availability of places at Scotch College, please contact Admissions on +61 8 9383 6809.

How do the waiting lists work at Scotch College?

When a prospective student applies for admission to Scotch, his details are entered on our waitlist. Three years prior to entry at Kindergarten, Pre-Primary, 6, and 7 our Admissions Office will contact the family to confirm interest in a place at Scotch College. The parents/guardian completes a confirmation form indicating their interest. Positions are then allocated in order of the date of application. If a position is not required in that particular year group the students name is retained for the next main entry point.

What happens if I decline an offer for my son?

If an offer is declined, your son will remain on the waiting list for the next intake year, while still retaining his original application date.

What happens if I accept an offer, pay my confirmation fee and then change my mind?

Your son will go back on to the waitlist for the next intake year, retaining his original application date. However, there is no guarantee that a place will become available at a future intake point. Please bear in mind that other families who have been registered longer may also change their mind, which could alter your son's position on any waiting list.

Do you offer scholarships?

Scotch College offers scholarships to academically and musically talented students, providing the opportunity to pursue excellence in their chosen fields. These academic scholarships are offered for entry in Year 7 and are open to both current students and those not currently attending Scotch College.

What languages do you offer?

In Pre-Primary to Year 5 French is taught as part of the Primary Years Programme. It is considered an integral part of the boys' education. The emphasis is on vocabulary acquisition through a variety of media and activities as well as an appreciation of another culture. In Years 6 to 10 Scotch College offers the choice of French or Indonesian.

What sports do you offer?

Participating in sport is a central part of life at Scotch, as it promotes teamwork and helps the boys develop an ability to support one another. At the start of each season, boys select a specific sport and specialist staff provide coaching. In summer, they choose from Basketball, Cricket, Rowing, Swimming, Water Polo, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Touch Football or Triathlon. The winter sports selection includes Badminton, Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Rugby or Soccer. Additionally, there is an Athletics season in the Winter Term.

Scotch College has excellent facilities for our students including 22 hectares of playing fields, an Olympic length heated swimming pool and gymnasium.

What music opportunities are available?

Every boy is encouraged and offered the opportunity to participate in music at Scotch and all students have the opportunity to participate in performance groups including choirs and orchestras. Individual tuition in a wide range of instruments and voice is also available at the school. There are many opportunities to perform publicly throughout the year and the Dickinson Centre provides a superb venue.

Do you have a private bus service?

In collaboration with Presbyterian Ladies' College, Scotch College offers three shared bus services servicing the Booragoon, Coogee and Karrinyup catchment areas. More information is available here.