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Scotch College is renowned for being one of Australia's leading Independent schools for boys. The College has been at the forefront of education since its foundation in 1897. Throughout its long history, the School has upheld a tradition of leadership and excellence in the field of education; this is reflected in our broad, innovative and progressive curriculum. Scotch is seen as an employer of choice, as reflected in the large number of applicants seeking to gain employment at the College. This demand ensures that only the highest quality candidates are chosen to work at the College.

Our website is designed to give you an insight and introduction to the College. We welcome direct enquiries and invite you to see Scotch in action through a personal tour of the School. These personal tours, conducted by our Admissions Office, enable you to view our facilities first hand while experiencing how the College operates.

At Scotch we pride ourselves on placing each boy at the centre of our planning and strategy. I sincerely hope you enjoy finding out more about our great community and look forward to assisting you in the most important decision you will ever make as a family, that is, the education of your son(s).

Dr Alec O'Connell,
Headmaster of Scotch College

Message from the Headmaster

Message from the Headmaster

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Our Mission:

To develop young men with strength of character, self-understanding, a passion for sustained learning and spiritual inquiry who will become active members of the global community.

Scholarships Open

Scholarships Open

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